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About us

Al Wajih Co Ltd. Is one of the leading company in the field of trading spare parts for trucks and agriculture equipments especially in Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Daf, Iveco , and Man, importing from the original source of European Union (Germany, Italy, France, Sweden etc.) In addition to the availability of all kinds of truck parts,

Al Wajih Co Ltd. has come a long way from its humble beginnings of the family employees in 1977. Launched by Abdullah Abdul Karim Al Namlah, today Al Wajih Company maintains the family oriented philosophy through second-generation.

Through the years since 1977, Al Wajih Co Ltd. has grown in size and experience Promoting highest quality of product to customers.

Customers continue to work with Al Wajih Co Ltd because the quality and service are the best in the industry. The valued relationships established over time become as great an asset as products Import for customers. The longevity of Al Wajih Company employees is the key to success of the company.

The average tenure of Al Wajih Company employees exceeds 15 years. This astounding fact is a key in consistent quality and reliability from the leader.

We are always keen to provide you the best sale services through highly experienced vendors and they are full prepared to meet all your needs and happy to assist you and answer all of your queries.

The Al Wajih Company corporate campus is centrally located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The main storage in the area of 3000 square meters, which is also meet the needs of our customers outside the city of Riyadh.


We will strive to maintain the highest quality, service, professionalism, and execution in our respective industry. We will provide a safe environment for our employees while facilitating a family-friendly attitude in our daily endeavors.

Al Wajih Company employees have dedicated volunteer time, monetary resources, and attention to supporting the Company.


Through dedication, consistency, and commitment, we will set the standard of excellence which competitors, other industry companies, our customers, and local businesses and citizens will admire.